Emakumeak baita ikertzaileak ere

This year, Elena has collaborated again with Ikerbasque in attempting to convince young women that they can be scientists if they are willing to. Amanda Sierra, Matxus Perugorria, Ainara Castellanos and Elena Castroviejo explained their own experiences as women researchers to high school girls from Bilbao, who had the chance to express her doubts about the future and about the life we leave as scientist women.


As in last year’s event, Amaia Esquisabel (representing the Basque Government) opened the floor with her own life experience and the high-schoolers participated in a competition to determine how much we know about women scientists. In the meantime, Marimar Muriel painted two pieces, which were then donated to the two high schools, so the girls could tell the boys about this activity at the headquarters of Ikerbasque.

You can find here the article that has appeared in Deia (Basque newspaper), on May 4th, 2017, which reports on the event and on the data regarding the so-called glass ceiling.

First time in Delaware at LSRL!

Laia and Elena presented the paper “Echoic Contrastive Conditionals in Spanish” at the 47th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, which was held at the University of Delaware in Newark.


It was the first time we discussed echoic contrastive conditionals in a conference and we had valuable feedback from other researchers interested in contrastive topic and scalar implicature. The atmosphere was very friendly and laid back, and the organization was perfect. Next time, LSRL meets in Toronto.

Back to the DGfS, this time in Saarbrücken

Berit and Elena were back at the annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS), which, this time, took place at the Universität des Saarlandes, in Saarbrücken. We presented our latest developments on the semantics of intensifying BON in front of the nice audience of the Arbeitsgruppe entitled “Sekundäre Information und ihre sprachliche Kodierung” (Secondary information and its linguistic encoding), organized by Daniel Gutzmann and Katharina Turgay. The invited speakers were Judith Tonhauser and Robert Henderson.


While we were supposed to tell how the positive polarity behavior of intensifying BON had to do with incompatibilities between meanings expressed at different dimensions, we realized that it had to do with the uni-dimensionality requirement on the intensifying meaning delivered by BON.

More information, here: https://www.danielgutzmann.com/secondary-information-de