MEAT in Leipzig

Berit was invited to give a seminar talk in Leipzig on December 16, so she presented the joint work with Elena on Catalan bon ‘good’ as an evaluative intensifier (in examples of the sort a good while). Afterwards she and some of her Leipzig colleagues had a BON amount of Glühwein at the christmas market. Happy holidays everyone!

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Going Romance 30


Berit and Elena had a paper accepted at Going Romance 2016, which was held in Frankfurt am Main, in the impressive Westend Campus of the Goethe Universität-Frankfurt am Main. The talk, entitled “From a subsective evaluative adjective to an intensifier. The case of ‘good'”, was an analysis of the intensifying values of good in Catalan and Spanish. We received interesting comments regarding potential cross-linguistic comparisons and ways of polishing the proposal. The invited speakers were Ana Maria Martins, Antonella Sorace and Pierre Larrivée. Great atmosphere and organization (despite the hideous weather).

A Cambridge experience


On November 23rd, Elena presented joint work with Berit at the “Anglia Ruskin-Cambridge Romance Linguistics Seminars”. The talk was entitled “On goodness and Intensification” and it delved into the intensifying use of subsective ‘good’, realized as bon (Cat.) and buen (Sp.) in examples such as una bona estona and un buen susto. The atmosphere was relaxed and warm, and the interaction was very stimulating. There seems to be an interesting line of research in the comparison of prenominal adjectives across Romance languages that can have intensifying effects.




Thanks to Norma Schifano, Michelle Sheehan, Luigi Andriani, Víctor Acedo, Olimpia Squillaci, and the rest of the fantastic audience.