Zientzia Astea 2016


The Hizkuntzalaritza Teorikoko Taldea (HiTT) ‘Basque Research Group of Theoretical Linguistics’ was present at the Zientzia Astea (‘Science Week’) in Vitoria-Gasteiz on November 3-6 2016. Maia Duguine, Lucía Masa, Marina Ortega and Laura Vela-Plo put together a stand that welcomed high school students and other interested citizens that wanted to know what it meant to be a linguist and how linguists study human language. Elena had the pleasure to participate in this outreach event as a HiTT member, and talk to several students and teachers. We also had the chance to spread the word about GrOC-Euskadi, an initiative that builds on GrOC in Barcelona and that the HiTT is starting soon, with the purpose of bridging the gap between linguistic research and grammar teaching in high schools.

Women in science

On May 9th, 2016, Elena took part in an outreach event organized by Ikerbasque to reveal to what extent women scientists have been concealed in the history programs that we have studied, and to promote awareness of the options young high school students may have as women scientists in the future. Three other Ikerbasque scientists participated in this event: Iratxe Zarrao2016-05-09 emakumeak eta zientzia-18naindia (genetics, UPV/EHU), Amanda Sierra (neurobiology, Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience), and  Matxus Perugorria (liver diseases, Biodonostia). They told the audience about their experience carrying out research using an object as a symbol of their career. In the meantime, painter Marimar Muriel sketched her picto-conclusions.

The Basque newspaper El Correo published this article about the event. Here is another follow-up piece, where Amanda Sierra provides statistical data on the situation of women in science.