13th WoSSP

On June 30th and July 1st, Zoltan and Elena participated in the 13th Workshop on Syntax, Semantics, and Phonology (WoSSP), wonderfully organized by the PhD students of the Centre de Lingüística Teòrica (CLT) from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Picture by Jennifer Tan

Zoltan gave the talk “Deadjectival Nominalizations in the Morphology-Semantics Interface“, based on the topic of his PhD thesis,

Elena presenting
Picture by Aritz Irurtzun

and Elena presented her joint work (in progress) with Berit on the semantics of ad-adjectival ben ‘well’ in a talk entitled “What is so good about being tall?“.



More comments and pictures from the event are available at the twitter TLs of the WoSSP organizers: @pabloricorama, @isabelcrespi_, @Mpcolomina, @sebsalva and @AlbaCerrudo. Thanks to all of them!!!

Next WossP will happen at the Universidad de Oviedo.

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